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Warum Sie die Wiederverwendung von Einwegplastik einstellen sollten Water Wasserflaschen

There’s no escaping them, single-use plastic bottles are everywhere. They’re so cheap and convenient that many people don’t think twice about buying them daily. This only adds to the mountain of plastic already destined for landfill sites where they will take approximately 450 Jahre zu zersetzen. Environmental concerns are one of the main reasons that you should stop buying plastic bottles and invest in a reusable water bottle, but why should you stop wiederverwenden Einweg water Flaschen? 

Plastic bottles are described as  ‘single-use’, but many people will refill plastic bottles multiple times. This brings us to the second main reason that you need to ditch plastic bottles—your health.

Why you need to ditch single-use plastic water bottles for good

Plastic Bottles may cause health issues

Many experts agree that single-use plastic bottles can leach chemicals when used repeatedly. The long-term effects of consuming these chemicals could harm your health. One of these chemicals is BPA, which has been linked to hormone imbalance, fertility problems, and certain types of cancer, as well as metabolic and cardiovascular diseases. Recent studies have also revealed that several popular bottled water brands contain substantial amounts of microplastics.

Wiederverwendbare Wasserflasche

Additionally, the damp and warm conditions inside a water bottle allow bacteria to thrive. Once opened, bacteria can enter the bottle from your hands and mouth. Washing with hot soapy water would kill off a lot of bacteria but, unlike stainless steel water bottles, plastic bottles shouldn’t be exposed to high temperatures. Plastic bottles will break down quicker and release harmful chemicals when filled with hot liquids.

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Plastic contributes to global warming

Plastic bottles are mostly made from oil. The oil is first extracted from the earth, then turned into a material called PET and used to make single-use water bottles. This whole process is energy-intensive and, according to a study, each 1.5-litre plastic bottle produces approximately 200g of greenhouse gases

There are also greenhouse gas emissions that come from transporting the bottles from their place of manufacture to the point of sale and greenhouse gasses that are released as the bottles slowly decompose. If you’re looking for easy ways to reduce your carbon footprint, switching plastic water bottles for a stainless steel reusable water Flasche is an easy first step.

Plastic harms wildlife

Too often single-use plastic bottles end up in rivers and oceans where they break down into smaller pieces and are eaten by sea life. There are plenty of examples of sea birds and turtles that have suffocated or died from starvation caused by plastic-filled stomachs. If you don’t want to see any more animals added to the list of endangered species, stop using plastic bottles and start refilling an eco-friendly water Flasche. 

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Disposable bottles cost more in the long term

Take a moment to calculate how much money you spend on bottled water each month. Include the bottles that you buy while out and about, at work, travelling, and at the gym. You might be surprised to learn that you could save as much as, or more than, €30 per month just by refilling a reusable water bottle. Of course, first, you need to buy a reusable water bottle. A high quality, 500 ml insulated water Flasche von dem FLASKE-Kollektion, costs just under €30, so your investment will break even in only one month. 

Stainless Steel vs Plastic

Stainless steel isn’t just better for your health than single-use plastics. It’s also a healthier and more sustainable alternative to reusable plastics. Ditching reusable and single-use plastics protects the planet and sets an excellent example for your peers, family, co-workers, and employees.

High-quality reusable stainless-steel water bottles are:

  • Sicher zu trinken aus
  • vielseitig
  • Umweltfreundlich
  • More cost-effective in the long term
  • Anpassbare
  • Excellent gifts
  • Stilvoll

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Why stop at single-use plastic bottles? You can further reduce your carbon footprint, improve your health, and save money by switching disposable cups for Reisebecher aus Edelstahl and reusable coffee mugs. Or, challenge yourself to take your lunch to work in a wiederverwendbarer Futtertopf instead of shopping for plastic packed sandwiches. 

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