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Reduce rejuice recyceln

Set the right example by gifting a FLASKE.

Personalise your FLASKE
They chose a plastic-free corporate gift.

A FLASKE because

Less single-use plastic waste

Did you know that in Europe, each person on average wastes 33 kg of plastic each year? And that of all that waste, almost 40% is packaging such as plastic bottles? Every sustainable bottle that you gift makes a huge impact already. When 100 people use the refillable bottle, they together prevent 1000 kg of plastic from being used. At a minimum.

Machen Sie es Ihren eigenen

Everyone enjoys feeling special. And that is why every FLASKE can be designed precisely to your liking. This will work best with a personalised corporate gift. Choose for example a stylish sports lid or a convenient carabiner. The cherry on the pie is your business logo or the engraved name of your employee.

100% auslaufsicher

Fun, a sustainable water bottle, but it needs to be used. When you have a FLASKE, you will never have to worry about spillage in your bag. That is why we produce high-quality water bottles that don't leak or condensate. They are also thermally insulated, which enables you to use the FLASKE over and over again.

156 bottles per person

One FLASKE cuts down on average 156 plastic bottles per year. That adds up!

3167332 plastic bottles saved

Our goal is to save 10 million plastic bottles by 2023. Are you in?

Personalise your FLASKE


Gift people a personalised water bottle. When your name is on it, you are more inclined to use it.

Sport lid

Add additional functionality with a sports lid. Sporty design added convenience in usability.


Rüsten Sie Ihren water bottle with a carabiner. Stylish black or a cheerful colour. Whichever gets you excited!

Nothing beats a company branded FLASKE


Ausgezeichnet 9,4 aus 10

Glad to see that our employees no longer use plastic bottles. They are proud to have a sustainable bottle. The bottles are of high quality and look great. This makes the motivation to drink more tap water easier''.

Marielle Visser Leiter der Personalabteilung

Happy to see that all our employees have a branded bottle with their name on it. Drinks stay both cold and hot, perfect!

Ingo Quellhorst Berater

Very satisfied with the quality and the good customer service. They kept us updated in every step of the process and we received our bottles within a short time. Would highly recommend this brand.''

Yee Yan Cheung Marketingleiter

Unsere Produkte

We offer a unique selection of eco-friendly water bottles that help you eliminate everyday waste.

Water Flaschen

Die Isolierflasche

Thermally insulated for multiple benefits. Up to 12 hours for warm drinks, up to 24 for cold drinks.


100% auslaufsicher

Caffeine on the go or your saviour during meetings. This coffee cup keeps your coffee at the perfect temperature.

Bestellen Sie Ihre Bestellung

Smaller orders welcome

You can order personalised water bottles from 30 pieces. Of course, you are most welcome to order 1000 water bottles. The ocean will be very grateful!

Yours within 3 - 4 weeks

Once we receive your payment, we get started right away. You receive the water bottles within 3 to 4 weeks. Questions during this time? We are always here to answer them!

Why do teams choose FLASKE

“Great service and brilliant work. It's really beautiful and unique. This is something functionally excellent.”

Marielle Visser
HR Director Workrate