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Willkommen FLASKE's Insulated Water Flasche Winterkollektion

Hopefully, you’ve spent the last few weeks enjoying the Christmas festivities and setting meaningful intentions for 2021. Perhaps you’ve taken the Veganuary pledge or decided to exchange disposable plastic bottles for something more sustainable. 

Meanwhile, FLASKE has been busy designing a new collection of winter-themed 500 ml insulated water bottles that will keep your drinks hot even in the chilly weather. These five eye-catching insulated bottles bring to life the finest aspects of the winter season. 

Let’s take a look at all five designs.

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Introducing the FLASKE Winter Reusable Water Flaschenserie

FLASKE Arctic Isolierte Water Kolben

Arctic Isolierte Water Kolben

Are you a fan of Frozen or simply inspired by the icy landscapes? The FLASKE Arctic is my favourite insulated water bottle in the winter series. It’s decorated with overlapping snowflakes and a gradient that flows smoothly from light to dark; an excellent reminder of the need to protect the globe’s arctic Regionen.

The design is timeless and appeals to adults as well as kids. It would pair well with an azure Karabiner accessory and, like all our bottles, it’s compatible with FLASKE sports lids. Additionally, this is the only insulated water bottle in the winter series that you can engrave with a name. 

FLASKE Galaxy Skye Isolierte Water Kolben

Galaxy Skye Isolierte Water Kolben

If you prefer more natural patterns and subtler colour, the FLASKE Galaxy Skye Bottle is the best reusable insulated water bottle from the FLASKE winter series. It features a gently swirling design with delicate blue shades and specks of white that depict the daytime sky.

FLASKE Galaxy Night Isolierte Water Kolben

Galaxy Night Isolierte Water Kolben

Ever wondered what our galaxy actually looks like? Although I haven’t seen it for myself, the FLASKE Galaxy Night Bottle reminds me of our mystical solar system, the Northern Lights, and stargazing on a clear night. If the wonders outside our planet inspire you or someone you know, this bottle could be the perfect sustainable gift.

FLASKE Glamour Insulated Water Kolben

Glamour Insulated Water Kolben

Want an insulated water bottle that will take centre stage? The FLASKE Glamour Bottle certainly catches the eye. It’s as dazzling as a Christmas bauble, glamorous enough for any diva, and yet, still sophisticated enough to earn a spot on your office desk throughout the year. You can even use this bottle to add a shimmer of colour to a formal outfit.

FLASKE Glitter Insulated Water Kolben

Glitter Insulated Water Kolben

If gold is too bold, why not glitter instead? The FLASKE Glitter Bottle is subtly shiny and compliments any outfit. Like all the reusable water bottles in our winter collection, the Glitter Bottle will help you stand out from the crowd.

Choose Your Insulated Water Kolben

The new winter collection may match this season's wardrobe, but you can use FLASKE’s winter bottles every day of the year. 

FLASKE wants to help you replace hundreds of single-use plastic bottles with one high-quality stainless-steel water bottle. A bottle that you can use all year round. That’s why our reusable water bottles are thermally insulated for hot and cold beverages. You can use it for your hot apple cider in the wintertime and for your tangy iced teas in the summer season.

Not only do FLASKE Bottles help you minimise plastic waste, but your purchase also helps us support the Plastic Soup Foundation.

Shop online for the new FLASKE-Kollektion.