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Warum FLASKE? Die positiven Auswirkungen eines Edelstahls Water Kolben

Da sind viele great reasons to buy a reusable water Flasche. For a start, you’ll:

  • Minimise your plastic waste
  • Protect your health and,
  • Sparen Sie Geld

But what impact do you make when you buy a wiederverwendbarer Edelstahl water Flasche and why should you buy from FLASKE?

The environmental impact of a reusable stainless-steel water Flasche

In our every day on the go lifestyle, a disposable plastic water bottle is a regular convenience that many people don’t think twice about buying. According to Euromonitor, nearly 20,000 plastic bottles are produced every second. Of those 20,000 only one out of five will be recycled, the rest will take hundreds of years to decompose, polluting the earth, sky, oceans, und waterways in the process.

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Die Erde

The four out of five plastic bottles that aren’t recycled will go to landfill sites where they will sit for nearly 700 years before starting to decompose. This takes up precious land space while the toxins in plastics pollute the soil. 


Waste plastic bottles often pile up in rivers, streams, lakes, and other waterways. Many, including the bottles littered on beaches, make their way out to sea. Over time these bottles release toxins, such as BPA, and break down into microplastics that pollute the water and harm sea life. Often, these toxins come back into human consumption through drinking water or food.


The production of plastic bottles is just as problematic as the disposal process. While manufacturing and transporting plastic bottles, greenhouse gasses are released into the atmosphere causing more air pollution. 

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Even reusable plastic bottles, although more sustainable than single-use plastics, contribute to the pollution problems because the manufacturing process is the same and many are not fully recyclable nor biodegradable.

Stainless-steel bottles are indeed more energy-intensive to produce but, unlike plastics, they’re 100% recyclable and can be recycled many times. If placed in landfill sites, your eco-friendly stainless-steel bottle won’t leach toxic chemicals into the earth. A stainless-steel FLASKE will also last many more years than a reusable plastic bottle so you will help to reduce air, sea, and land pollution in the long term. 

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Obwohl ein FLASKE thermoflask can last a lifetime, when you are ready to change your FLASKE, you can drop it off at a metal recycling collection or upcycle it. A used stainless-steel bottle can become a zero-waste flower vase, lamp, or household decoration.

The social impact of a reusable stainless-steel water Flasche

Switching to a reusable stainless-steel water bottle has a positive social impact as well as a positive environmental impact. When your friends and colleagues see that you’ve ditched plastic, they’ll be inspired to do the same. You can be the person who makes sustainability trendy among your family and peers. They’ll see that going zero-waste is both easy and beneficial. And, once reusable containers become the social norm, there’ll be more pressure on individuals not to buy disposable water Flaschen.

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When you buy a reusable stainless-steel personalisiert water Flasche, you help to spread the message.
Your planet and your health are worth investing in.


FLASKE make food and drink containers from high quality, food-grade stainless-steel. These containers are long-lasting, recyclable, and come packaged in recyclable materials. The FLASKE thermos bottle can keep your drinks hot or cold so you can stop using plastic bottles . disposable coffee cups.

When you buy from FLASKE, you support an environmentally-conscious company. In return, FLASKE helps you to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

You support The Ocean Aufräumen

When you support FLASKE by purchasing a reusable water bottle, you also unterstütz die Ocean Aufräumen. FLASKE donates 10% of profits to this Dutch environmental organisation, so your positive environmental impact stretches all the way to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. 

Replacing plastic water bottles isn’t the only way you can help the planet. The next step of the eco-friendly journey is replacing single-use food containers with and eco-friendly food flask. Here are more top tips to help you live and travel zero waste.