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Das beste wiederverwendbare Water Flasche: The Dopper Original vs The FLASKE Bottle

FLASKE wiederverwendbar Water Kolben

If you’ve decided to ditch bottled water and become more sustainable, then you’re probably wondering which is the am besten wiederverwendbar water Flasche to buy. There are plenty out there. In theory, they all do the same job. In practice, some are definitely more efficient than others. 

Today, I’m going to compare two of the most popular reusable water bottles on the market. The Dopper Original and the FLASKE Flasche. Both come from innovative and environmentally conscious Dutch companies, but these wiederauffüllbar water Flasche have several different features. 

Ask yourself the following questions before choosing your own eco friendly water Flaschen.

What size reusable water bottle do you need?

The Dopper Original holds 450ml of liquid, that’s a convenient size to pop in your day bag and plenty if you know wohin refill your reusable bottle. But sometimes you’ll need a larger or smaller bottle. The FLASKE bottle comes in four sizes so you can have a bottle for full days on the go, zero waste travel, exercise, or commuting.

FLASKE Bottle sizes

Was ist deine Lieblingsfarbe?

Willst du dein? Doppelwandig water Flasche to reflect your personality and match your outfit? Purchase a Dopper Original bottle, and you’ll have a choice of five matte colours. Purchase a FLASKE Bottle, and you can choose from several colours with a matte or metallic finish. Do floral patterns and tropical prints take your fancy or do you prefer a sleek black or while bottle? Or, how about a camouflage bottle that kids will love? The FLASKE Bottle comes in all these designs and more!

Is stainless steel better than plastic?

Wiederverwendbarer Kunststoff water bottles are cheaper and lighter than metal bottles, but rostfreier Stahl water Flaschen are more robust, more healthy, and better for the environment. 

The Dopper Original is made from recyclable BPA-free plastic and it’s much tougher than single-use plastic bottles. However, it’s still made from plastic. Stainless steel is a safer material than plastic because it’s non-toxic and non-porous. With an 18/8 food-grade stainless steel bottle you don’t get bad odours, mould, or rust. Learn more about the positive impact of stainless steel water Flaschen.

Do you want an insulated reusable water Flasche?

The FLASKE Bottle is double walled and insulates both hot and cold beverages. It keeps your drinks hot for up to 12 hours or chilled for up to 24 hours without any condensation on the outside. An doppelt isoliert water Flasche is perfect for the daily commute and wintertime, as well as summer picnics, outdoor excursions, and camping trips.

What extra features do you want?

The Dopper Original has a smart design where the bottle top doubles as a small cup. Instead, FLASKE offers an interchangeable sports lid so you can trinke genug during your workouts. You can also customise your FLASKE Bottle with a carabiner and hang it from your bag or engrave it with your own name (engraving coming soon).


What will the reusable water bottle cost?

If you usually buy bottled water, then buying a reusable water Flasche wird Geld sparen in the long term. In the short term, a Dopper Original will cost you €12.50. An insulated FLASKE Bottle costs €29.95, it’s more expensive, but it can last a lifetime.


Do you want to protect the environment?

Both FLASKE and Dopper donate a portion of profits to environmental nonprofits or charitable projects. When you buy a reusable water bottle from FLASKE, not only do you minimise your plastic waste and set an eco-friendly example, but you also Unterstützen Sie die Plastic Soup Foundation

Weiterlesen: Warum wir die Plastic Soup Foundation unterstützen

FLASKE Flasche

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